British Columbia Entrepreneur Pilot Project

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If you are applying for a work permit through the British Columbia Entrepreneur Program, please pay attention to the following details:

This immigration program, launched in early 2019, aims to strengthen local communities (with a population of fewer than 75,000 people) in a beautiful and affluent British Columbia province using the benefits of the immigrants’ business and management expertise through entrepreneurship.

By obtaining a work permit and investing at least $ 100,000 in a business acceptable to the province, the applicant could become a candidate for permanent resident status in Canada.

What are the advantages of this program?

The short duration of the process

No need for a financial deposit to the province

Issuance of work and/or study permit for spouse and dependent children

Obtaining permanent residence of Canada after fulfillment of his/her obligation, i.e. establishing a business and employing a permanent resident or a citizen of Canada.

How to qualify?

Must have A minimum asset of $ 300,000 Canadian dollars.

Must invest at least 100,000 Canadian dollars in an acceptable business in the province of British Columbia

Must obtain a recommendation from local communities

Must have At least 3 years of experience in owning and managing a business OR must have 4 years of senior management experience in business in the last five years.

Must have at least CLB4 in English

Must have at least a high school diploma

The ideal age to apply: 21 to 55

Pars National

What is the process?

Obtain a visitor visa, prepare an acceptable business plan, conduct an exploratory trip of the province and obtain a local recommendation letter from a local community.

Enter your names and qualifications in the province’s pool.

Being Selected from the list and being issued an invitation to apply.

Obtain net worth verification by a designated authority

Submit a file and be invited for an interview

Sign Business Performance Agreement with the province

Obtain a work permit

Fulfillment of obligations (establishment of the business and the recruitment of a local force) and receive a Nomination Certificate to apply for permanent residence.

Important Note:

A period of ONE year will be given to the applicant to establish and activate his business in the province and employs at least one permanent resident or a Canadian citizen of Canada in his business venture. By fulfilling his obligations (in accordance with the Business Performance Agreement) the applicant and his or her family will be nominated for Canadian permanent residence status.

Currently, with the elimination of most immigration programs that directly lead to permanent residence, the British Columbia Provincial program, which will be offered as a pilot project for a short two years, is considered one of Canada’s most fascinating immigration program. With the lapse of time, the competition for acceptance will become more challenging, therefore, the time to act is now.

Why choose us?

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