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Quebec Immigrant Investor Program

We thank you for choosing Pars National Consultants as your trustee in visa affairs and immigration to Canada. Pars National Consultants with 20 years of experience is managed and directed by licensed immigration experts Mrs. Niloofar Bagherzadeh (ICCRC) and Mr. Siyamak Zarei (ICCRC), familiar and reliable names in Iran and the Iranian Canadian community.

Quebec Immigrant Investor Program is one of the most popular immigration programs currently being offered. The best aspect of this program is the fact that it directly leads to obtaining the permanent residence of Canada eliminating the hassle of committing to a startup and/or purchasing a business in a particular region or province.

Advantages of this program:

Obtain Canadian permanent residence directly

No need for English/French language proficiency

No commitment to purchase or start a business in Canada

No need for a business plan

An interview can be conducted in the mother tongue of the applicant

No upper limit on the age of the applicant

How to qualify?

The legally acquired personal net worth of $2 million (the assets can be in form of bank savings, properties, shares, gifts or even inheritance)

Two years of business management experience within the five years preceding the application; (CEO, sales managers, chairman of the board, director of the clinic, hospital department …) OR

Ownership of a business or a company for at least two years as sole owner, partner or shareholder in the previous five years

Ability to Invest $1.2 million into a passive government guaranteed investment for a period of five years bearing no interest OR

Non-repayment financing. The investment cost is 350,000 Canadian dollars

What is the process?

Assisting in preparation of legal documents and completing the application form required to apply

Preparing the client for Quebec Immigration Interviews (if applicable) assisting in financing and investment fund transfer leading to the issuance of CSQ (Quebec Selection Certificate)

Request for an administrative review (in rare cases of rejection) through experienced Quebec Lawyers.

Submitting full application to Immigration Canada to receive permanent residence status in Canada.

Why choose us?

Pars National Consultants with a team of professional experts in collaboration with well-experienced immigration lawyers of Canada, certified charter accountants, professional business plan writers and the resources of local tour guides for exploratory trips is the most successful and most experienced company in Canadian visa and Immigration service industry. The quality of our services and our high success rate are second to none and our clients choose us because they are educated, and they understand the value of quality and service.





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