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Temporary Resident Visa (TRV)

We thank you for choosing Pars National Consultants as your trustee in visa affairs and immigration to Canada. Pars National Consultants with 20 years of experience is managed and directed by licensed immigration experts Mrs. Niloofar Bagherzadeh (ICCRC) and Mr. Siyamak Zarei (ICCRC), familiar and reliable names in Iran and the Iranian Canadian community.

If you intend to visit friends and family or explore Canada for its economical potentials, then you would need to apply for a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV).

At the discretion of the visa officer, temporary resident visas may be issued on a multiple-entry basis. The validity of a TRV depends on the expiry date of an applicant’s passport.

Upon every trip to Canada, applicants are eligible to remain for a maximum of 6 months unless at the port of entry, the officer decides to enforce a limit on the length of stay for a valid reason. Should there exist a justifiable reason, an applicant may apply to stay in Canada for longer than 6 months.

The most important factor in obtaining a favorable result upon the submission of a TRV application is to convince the visa officer that you intend to return to your home country at the end of the duration of your stay in Canada. Naturally, having family ties, financial ties, and employment ties has a significant positive effect on the decision of the officer.

The applicant’s travel history in recent years, especially to western Europe, North America, and Oceania is an important asset.

Possessing a strong financial history as well as the financial means to pay for your trip and temporary residence in Canada is a requirement and plays a major role in the visa officer’s decision.

Holders of temporary resident visa (TRV) are not eligible to study, work, or conduct business in Canada. Upon obtaining an official Letter of Acceptance from an eligible school or higher education institution or, alternatively, by obtaining a valid job offer, applicants may apply to change their status from temporary resident visa to a study permit or work permit.

We at Pars National Consultants encourage those who thrive for better living to take firm steps to get them closer to their dreamland, Canada. A country that receives thousands of immigrants, students and entrepreneurs with open arms. Our company with 20 years of experience has helped thousands to achieve their dreams. We ask you to join us on your voyage and let us open the doors to you. We welcome you to Canada.

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Pars National Consultants with a team of professional experts in collaboration with well-experienced immigration lawyers of Canada, certified charter accountants, professional business plan writers and the resources of local tour guides for exploratory trips is the most successful and most experienced company in Canadian visa and Immigration service industry. The quality of our services and our high success rate are second to none and our clients choose us because they are educated, and they understand the value of quality and service.




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