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“Work & Study” Program in Canada

We thank you for choosing Pars National Consultants as your trustee in visa affairs and immigration to Canada. Pars National Consultants with 20 years of experience is managed and directed by licensed immigration experts Mrs. Niloofar Bagherzadeh (ICCRC) and Mr. Siyamak Zarei (ICCRC), familiar and reliable names in Iran and the Iranian Canadian community.

About “Work & Study” Program;

If you are a young couple (with or without children) and you do not have the high score to be selected in Express Entry Program, we suggest you build your future in Canada through what we call the “Work & Study” Program.

This program will allow either young wife or husband to study (study permit) while the other can work (open work permit) for a Canadian employer and support the family. This will allow the young couple to enhance their qualifications (i.e. language, education, work experience, etc.) and can obtain Canadian permanent residence through Express Entry or Experienced Class. Notably, the wife or the husband who studies can also help support the family by working part-time off campus. More importantly, their child(ren) can benefit from free schooling.

Last but not least, the young couple must have some means of support to start until they stabilized themselves as permanent residents of Canada.

How to apply:

Obtaining the required documents from the client based on the checklist provided by Pars National Consultants Corp.

Obtaining acceptance from schools, colleges, and universities based on the qualifications and the requirement of the client (either wife or the husband)

Writing the study permit submission letter based on the information and documents received from the client.

Applying for a Study permit (either wife or husband) & Open Work Permit (another partner)

The benefits of using our services:

In the rare situations where the study or work permit is refused, our expert team has started an administration review. This process in many occasions has yielded positive results. The submission of an administrative review is part of our job at no extra cost to the client.

Why choose us?

Pars National Consultants with a team of professional experts in collaboration with well-experienced immigration lawyers of Canada, certified charter accountants, professional business plan writers and the resources of local tour guides for exploratory trips is the most successful and most experienced company in Canadian visa and Immigration service industry. The quality of our services and our high success rate are second to none and our clients choose us because they are educated, and they understand the value of quality and service.




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